When Fortune 100 companies have technology issues, they call their IT department. When small and mid-sized businesses have technology issues, they can sometimes get stuck.

Quite often the most tech savvy person in the office is tasked with fixing the problem (which sometimes only make things worse and takes that person away from their real job). Other businesses might have to rely on understaffed or inexperienced IT Service providers. Often times, these IT service providers will put a bandage on the issue because they don’t have the knowledge or the time to address your issues properly.  In these instances, they certainly don’t have the people to properly implement and monitor your company’s network and provide the response time you require.

Here’s what a business could really use to fix IT support issues: a company that gives the full support of an IT department without actually having to hire an IT department. Fortunately, that is what we do. Olmec provides fixed-cost unlimited IT support both onsite and remote.  We have been in business since 1996 providing IT Support and IT Services to companies like yours in the NJ – NY area, Atlanta, as well as nationally.  Customer service is our number one goal and we have the references to prove it. Whether you need a new managed services provider, a replacement server installed, or you would like to move your network into the cloud we have the experience and staff to help.

Just because you have a small or mid-sized business doesn’t mean you should go without first-class IT support. Olmec Systems is there to provide it.

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