There are many IT support and consulting companies out there today. As a business executive it can be difficult to sort through the options. Like Olmec many of the managed service providers staff their companies with IT support professionals that can support a wide range of IT systems. Where we feel that Olmec differentiates itself is with it’s ethos of constant improvement. Improvement in the technological systems we use, the processes we follow, the solutions we offer our clients, the support provided to our employees, and figuring out better ways to provide customer service. We do not remain static and are always evolving. Each and everyone of these improvements is built on top of over 20 years of experience as a company. We are in it for the long term and we are confident that if you reach out to us you will see the value we can provide.

What is Olmec and what IT services do we offer?

Olmec Systems was established in 1996 to provide full IT support services to businesses. As a Managed Services Provider we act as an IT Department for our clients via a monthly predictable cost. In addition we provide IT consulting, IT Support, Cloud and On-premise based solutions. We are also a Microsoft / Office 365 solutions partner and reseller of all major hardware (HP, DELL, CISCO, etc.). For larger clients that may have some internal IT staff already we have the ability to supplement helpdesk or other services that may be required.

We give you a dedicated team

When you choose Olmec as your IT support partner, we will work with you to provide IT solutions that fit your business model. Olmec’s IT service is provided by building a support team that will be able to handle every aspect of your business’s IT. We ask questions to understand where you are now and where you want to be moving forward. We design your IT services around this information so that the solution is tailored to your business. We believe there is no one size fits all in IT support. The IT company you choose should be someone who understands you. We work hard to do that; and that’s one of the things makes us different.

We do not outsource our IT support departments

When you contact Olmec for support we answer the phone live from our office. Our support and network operations departments are staffed 100% with full-time Olmec employees based in the US. All employees are subject to full background checks before hiring. This is critical especially in today’s environment of increasing regulations around cybersecurity and knowing who has access to your systems. We also value teamwork and understand the value in creating a healthy company culture so we can better serve our client’s needs.

We give you 24/7 account access

From our phone, email, and web portal based systems you will have several methods to reach out to us when needed. Our Web based system provides you insight into your service tickets and history. Our service management team is always a call or email away if you need further assistance.

We make it easy to switch to Olmec IT Support

If you’re here, you may not be happy with your current IT Company or are trying to free up a defacto IT support employee to do other things. Whatever the reason Olmec will make it easy to switch from your old IT support. We have over 20 years experience doing this. We strongly believe that proper planning will ensure a smooth transition.

Quick response to critical issues

Olmec Systems provides IT support and service that your business can rely on during an emergency. We provide 24/7 emergency support for your production systems. While our monitoring system proactively alerts us to many issues before they become critical, if you call in with a problem we will ensure that an engineer addresses it immediately. Issues can range from production system down to the CEO is unable to send an email. We understand that “Critical” can have a different meaning for each client. Our team of IT support professionals has the expertise and years of experience to provide this level of service to all of our clients, not just our largest.

We’ll meet or exceed your deadline every time

Once we understand the timeline and the scope of work for your project, Olmec Systems will provide you with a solution that will meet your needs today and for years to come. The cost will be laid out up front with no surprises. Our project managers are senior level IT experts with many years of experience who will deliver your project on time and on budget while working directly with your assigned Olmec Team.