Mycloudanywhere is powered by Olmec Systems, a New Jersey based technology integrator. Olmec Systems has been servicing clients nationwide for over 15 years.

Some things you should know about Mycloudanywhere, powered by Olmec Systems:

  • All of the  cloud solutions that Mycloudanywhere provides are designed to meet your needs today and for years into the future. We use only high quality brand name equipment.
  • We’re staffed with highly trained technicians and help desk personnel that are all based out of New Jersey. Mycloudanywhere has no outsourced employees. We specialize in providing service to the small and medium business market.
  • All of our clients are of equal importance to us; regardless of size. This may help explain our client retention rate which is over 99.5% retained annually.
  • At Mycloudanywhere, our rate of employee turnover is very low. Our total turnover rate over the last 3 years was 3%. As a comparator, the technology industry total turnover rate was 16.2% in 2010. We foster a great working environment and ownership shares 10% of the net profits at the end of each year with all employees.
  • Mycloudanywhere has a rock solid balance sheet. Financially we are very strong and stable. What this means to you is peace of mind. We are not going anywhere. We will be here to serve your technology needs moving forward should you choose to work with us.

We service clients in NJ, NY, CA, FL, CT, PA, MD, SC, VT, ME, NH, DE, and VA.