Mycloudanywhere is a state of the art platform that is built to house and deliver your company’s entire network easily and seamlessly to any web connected device anywhere in the world. With mycloudanywhere, your server room goes away; and so does the expense of operating it and keeping it cool!

The mycloudanywhere desktop portal is a unified desktop portal that is customizable by both the IT administrator and the user. When you sign into mycloudanywhere, the login brings you to a portal where all of your companies’ business applications are right in front of you. The desktop portal is a personalized, organized, centralized and simple to use platform. This is especially true when you compare it to the desktop that you are probably using today. The desktop of today is designed for windows applications. How many times have you wasted time looking for files or a program? The mycloudanywhere desktop portal is built to work in the cloud, and it easily interfaces with all windows based and cloud based apps. This is a cloud computing platform designed for now and the future.

In one sentence: Mycloudanywhere is an easy to manage, easy to use, fully featured, comprehensive cloud computing platform that is simple to scale; up or down. It’s easy to transition to as well. (We know… that’s two sentences!)

Mycloudanywhere also provides a high level of security and redundancy that was only previously available at a high cost. Our platform resides in a SSAE16/SOC1 certified data center that has an extremely high level of security and redundancy with respect to power, bandwidth, and cooling.

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