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June 18, 2016

Not Even Your Chats Are Safe From Hackers

Online security company Check Point Software Technologies has discovered a flaw in Facebook’s chat app that allows hackers to log in and change the content of chat messages (individual messages or entire chat streams) without notifying users that changes have been made. The exploit is accomplished by finding the unique…
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January 31, 2014

Is Your Point-of-Sale System Safe?

We’ve all seen the news: places we’ve trusted with our credit card information, such as Target, Neiman Marcus and Michael’s Crafts, have all suffered massive hits that included thousands, and sometimes millions, of compromised accounts. While these attacks are some of the biggest we’ve seen in history, they actually aren’t…
May 16, 2013

Keeping Your Phone Safe from Cyber Attacks

You may think it’s a little outlandish that you have to protect your phone from cyber attacks, but unfortunately, celebrities aren’t the only people who get their phones hacked. In reality, it’s much easier than anyone thinks, and even an amateur can manage to get into your voicemail or view…
November 9, 2012

Is Your Intellectual Property Safe?

Intellectual property is one of the hardest things to guard, especially in a world where a person can save a piece and host it on their own server and never be discovered. In America alone, there is over $5.8 trillion worth of it, and millions of dollars of intellectual property…