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February 16, 2015

Benefits of Project Management Software

If you are like many business owners, you are most likely juggling multiple projects on a daily basis. In an effort to keep work organized, you might be considering project management software at your business. There are many types of project management solutions available for business, from locally-installed options to…
BlogTechnology News
August 25, 2014

Why Project Ara Is Bleeding Edge

Project Ara is one of the most important projects of this generation. This project, along with 3D printing will irrevocably change how the world understands manufacturing. What Is Project Ara? If you had not heard the name before now, don’t worry. Google has so many projects running that it is…
Technology News
September 9, 2013

5 Tips to Help Your Next Business Project

Starting or expanding a business is work, and a lot of it. Likewise, undertaking a new project can be quite consuming. Oftentimes we find that the most difficult hurdle can be convincing those around you. Arm yourself with the right persona, and confidently portray what you plan. Know where you’re…