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Technology News
May 2, 2017

How a Network Audit Can Save You Money

Audits. Nobody likes them, and often, the mere mention of a network security audit is enough to make you cringe. All audits aren’t the same however and technology audits specifically, can be great opportunities. They can highlight potential points of weakness that when corrected, can enhance your bottom line. Let’s…
April 8, 2017

Network Password Security May Be Getting Overlooked

Today’s corporate networks look so different from the networks of yesteryear that they’re almost not even comparable any more. In olden times, when the personal computer was a relatively new invention and networks were just beginning to form, they were homogenous and tightly controlled. They were nearly hermetically sealed digital…
Technology News
February 13, 2017

Lego Creates New Social Network For Kids

Here’s’ an interesting and inspiring story about corporate inventiveness and good citizenship. If you grew up playing with Legos, then you know that half the fun of them is in sharing your creations with others Adults, of course, have plenty of platforms to share on, but those platforms don’t tend…