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Technology News
August 9, 2013

Getting the Most Out of Mobile

The wave of the future is a tsunami of small devices. Smartphones and tablets represent a significant chunk of people’s computing today, and their influence is growing. There are 1 billion smartphone users worldwide, and one in three adults in the US already owns a tablet or ereader. So how…
Technology News
September 13, 2012

Finding and Keeping Your Most Valuable Clients

Recently, two well-established and well-known home improvement businesses, Home Depot and Lowe’s, reported an astonishing fact to the media: if they were to provide better customer service, they would see more profit. Both companies are billion-dollar companies as it stands, but some studies indicated that they would see an extra…
Technology News
June 28, 2012

Most Popular Phone of 2013? The iPhone 5

According to world-renowned financial analyst Mark Moskowitz, the iPhone 5 will without a doubt be the most popular phone of 2013. The new iPhone is set to release in September, and production around Christmas time is expected to double. The new iPhone allows for 4G LTE networks to work at…
Technology News
June 27, 2012

iPhone 4 Most Used Camera on Flickr

The iPhone doesn’t have a remarkable camera. In fact, the camera is just about average. Still, the iPhone has remained as the number one camera for taking pictures for two years in a row now, according to Flickr’s 2012 summer list. The iPhone has beaten out many professional cameras, such…