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February 1, 2018

Mac Computers Battling New Malware For Hijacking DNS

It's official, the first macOS malware of 2018 is here.  Discovered by an independent security researcher and dubbed "OSX/MaMi," the code is functionally similar to DNSChanger malware. The researcher posted his findings on the Malwarebytes forum and none other than Patrick Wardle (an ex-NSA hacker) analyzed it, having this to…
December 13, 2017

Fake Symantec Blog Post Is Spreading Mac Malware

Sometimes hackers opt for a stealthy approach. Other times, their attempts are downright brazen.  That's definitely the case with a newly launched malware campaign that seeks to spread "Proton Mac," a strain of malware designed to steal passwords from Mac users. The hackers registered a domain very similar to Symantec's…