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Technology News
January 18, 2013

Google Releases Chrome for Android

Chrome isn’t quite ready for Android devices – in fact, the program just entered beta – but it’s already exciting many of the Google circles because of its smooth layout and ability to sync. Google released the new version of Chrome about a week ago. The beta version will now…
September 10, 2012

Aurora’s Attacks on Google Still Occurring

Google and more than thirty other companies were affected by a hacker organization by the name of “Aurora” over three years ago. Since then, the aggressors have only gotten stronger, formed alliances, and added new weapons to their arsenal, according to cyberattack analysts. Aurora depends primarily on unpatched vulnerabilities known…
Technology News
August 17, 2012

Google Wallet Gains Competition

Up until now, mobile payment options have been limited, and few have been cheap enough or handy enough to seriously compete with Google Wallet. However, over a dozen retailers announced earlier this week that they will be launching their own mobile-commerce business. Among the companies that made the announcement are…