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Technology News
May 15, 2018

T-Mobile And Sprint To Merge Companies

The on-again, off-again talks about a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint is definitely back on, with T-Mobile planning to buy Sprint for a staggering $26 billion. The deal has been in the works since before Trump was elected President. It died quietly when it became clear that the Obama administration…
April 19, 2018

Credit Card Breach Hits Two Large Companies

Delta Airlines and Sears Corporation have both been notified of a data breach that has exposed the credit card information of some 100,000 Sears customers and "hundreds of thousands" of Delta customers. Neither Delta nor Sears were breached directly. A live chat service called 7 (used by both companies), was…
April 14, 2018

Energy Companies Under Attack From Malware

The energy sector is in danger, and almost nobody is talking about it.  This, according to a newly published report by Kaspersky Labs. At issue are ICS (Industrial Control System) computers.  Hackers are increasingly targeting them, having recently been given a robust set of tools to do so. Recall that…