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March 10, 2016

Check Before Updating Your Java

Software companies seem to be losing their longstanding battle with the hacking community. In a recent blog post, Eric P. Maurice, who is the director of Software Security Assurance for Oracle, reported a devastating new software vulnerability that, while somewhat complex to execute, can result in the complete compromise of…
BlogTechnology News
March 24, 2015

Still Not Sold On 3d Printing? Check This Out.

Here’s more evidence that 3d printing is poised to change almost everything about our world. A Chinese company called WinSun recently claimed to have printed an entire five-story apartment building using a massive printer measuring some five hundred feet in length. While the apartment building itself is unadorned and undecorated,…
BlogTechnology News
September 23, 2014

Check Out Instagram’s Advertising Tools

Companies are relentlessly striving for new and better ways to gain insights into their customers. How customers and followers interact with images posted on social media is a fantastic way to help gauge brand awareness and associated gains made on that front. The problem is that up until now there…