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July 2, 2016

Big Changes Coming To Apple Devices

A number of big, exciting developments were announced at Apple’s recent worldwide developer’s conference, and from the sound of it, there are a number of really exciting changes coming that will give the Apple community plenty to look forward to. Below, we’ll outline the biggest and best of the announcements.…
BlogTechnology News
November 28, 2014

Facebook Changes News Feed Policy

In the second policy change in just a few short weeks, Facebook reversed its experimental policy on researching how users would react to changing news feed posts on their Facebook pages. Obviously, like the real name policy that the LGBT advocates shouted down and which was the subject of the…
Technology News
October 14, 2013

Are Changes Coming to the Tracking Cookie?

While the cookie is not likely to change throughout the entirety of the Internet, Microsoft has some plans in store for it. In fact, they want to replace it completely with their own brand of tracking technology. The company is thinking about replacing the tracking cookie it uses now with…
Technology News
April 17, 2013

LinkedIn Rereleases Mobile Apps with Dramatic Changes

New applications for LinkedIn for the iPhone and Android have been released, and they have been completely overhauled as part of the effort to create a richer, more personalized experience. LinkedIn apps are now more than just basic profiles, containing more content, prettier and cleaner profiles, and easily consumable features…