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October 6, 2018

How Long Before You Experience A Cyber Attack?

According to this year's Traveler's Risk Index, published by The Traveler's Indemnity Company, a majority of business owners have a somewhat fatalistic view of hacking and data breaches. The index includes 52 percent of survey respondents indicating that they believe a cyber-attack is inevitable. The other statistics in the report…
August 23, 2018

Fax Machines Might Be Gateway To Next Hacker Attack

Nothing bad could possibly happen to your company's network if the only piece of information the hackers have is your fax number, right? Unfortunately not, according to recent research by employees at Check Point. They recently revealed details about not one, but two different REC's (Remote Code Execution) techniques that…
April 16, 2018

Hackers Zone In On Microsoft Products To Attack

Congratulations to Adobe Flash Player for not being the software most targeted by hackers.  Security vendor "Recorded Future" has just published their annual list of the software hackers most commonly focus on when targeting computers and handheld devices for attack. For the last several years, Adobe's Flash Player has topped…
April 14, 2018

Energy Companies Under Attack From Malware

The energy sector is in danger, and almost nobody is talking about it.  This, according to a newly published report by Kaspersky Labs. At issue are ICS (Industrial Control System) computers.  Hackers are increasingly targeting them, having recently been given a robust set of tools to do so. Recall that…