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New Facebook Feature: Respond to Comments

By April 3, 2013March 6th, 2023Technology News

Facebook now allows the majority of businesses to comment on comments.

The company has been trying to figure out a way to help “fan pages” deal with comments, especially when they have more than just a few. Some celebrities and businesses can get thousands of comments and questions on one post, and sometimes fans like to talk to one another, too. But in the chaos of a popular post, it’s been difficult to really figure out who is talk to who.

Welcome to the “reply” function. It’s right next to the “like” button, but the person’s comment you reply to appears directly underneath the comment they made. They are also alerted when you reply, unlike when others reply on the same status. This makes it much easier to communicate one on one in a busy thread instead of going comment hunting.

This new feature comes along with several other adjustments as well. Now there is a “comment stream” function that allows a business owner to see comments in chronological order. The new default “ranked” function puts the highest “liked” and “commented” on comments at the top of a thread for all to see.

Facebook hopes this new feature will foster conversations and open new dialogue between the adorers and the adored.

This feature has been rolling out to pages for the last week or so, but if you don’t approve it, you don’t get to take advantage of the new “reply” function.  Head on over to the control panel of your page now to receive the prompt to “turn the reply function on.”

At the moment, the Page Managers App still doesn’t allow a page to reply to a comment, and you cannot reply to threads on your mobile device unless you are on a full version of the website in a mobile browser.

Chris Forte

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