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Unlock your true business potential with
Microsoft Solutions in New Jersey

Olmec is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

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Microsoft Solutions and Beyond


Microsoft Solutions Architect makes use of the most cutting-edge and innovative cloud, hardware, and software tools and solutions for your business. Switching to a Microsoft enterprise solution for your internal IT department will help you streamline business processes and enhance efficiency and productivity. Olmec is also recognized as a premier Microsoft Solutions Specialist for businesses that need help with specific IT infrastructure projects. With our Microsoft Gold Partnership, Olmec has you covered with Microsoft solutions for an exhaustive range of business and technical needs.

Get your IT aligned with the right Microsoft 365 For Business solutions to achieve your business goals and feed directly into your bottom line. Empower your organization with the right mix of IT strategy and tools powered by Microsoft Gold Partner Olmec.

Our experts can help you transform your IT from a liability to a true business driver with Microsoft Business Solutions. Our Microsoft service desk solutions will help your business to stay ahead of the curve irrespective of the next big change in technology.

Microsoft Technology Services


Microsoft Solutions

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider, we’re ready to support your technology and digital transformation strategy. The Microsoft platform will enable you to build, deploy, and manage all secure applications. As cybersecurity threats become ever more sophisticated, you are likely looking for solutions that provide an end-to-end, secured system, and Microsoft Solutions deliver security and will also address your compliance needs.


Microsoft Licensing

Gain the flexibility to manage your Microsoft licenses in one easy portal, including volume or registering and activating product license keys. Take advantage of our Gold Partner license pricing opportunity.


Azure Services

Azure cloud offers rich products and cloud services designed to meet all your business needs. Build, run, and manage all your applications seamlessly and securely with the tools of your choice.


Azure Migration Services

Receive the tools and guidance to plan your move to the cloud – financially, operationally, and strategically. Easily track your progress using centralized reporting dashboards. We can manage your on-premise to cloud migration or hybrid cloud, your identity and security solutions and provide an end-to-end, secured ecosystem, across your identities, data, endpoints, infrastructure, and networks.


Microsoft Teams Migration Services

Teams is the ultimate communication and collaboration tool within Microsoft 365. Easily integrate your materials, processes, and tools in one place for enhanced workforce collaboration. Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive communication solution that brings together calling with Teams Voice, meetings, and messaging into a single application. Our team of experts can guide migration and governance if you choose to include Microsoft Teams in your digital transformation strategy. Better support how your team works, today.


Microsoft 365 Migration Services

Centralize your team with Microsoft 365. Benefits include streamlined communications, centralized access, advanced data security, automatic system updates, improved the bottom line, and enhanced end user experience.


Windows 365 Migration Services

Receive the tools, guidance, and support to transition your tools, processes, people, and materials to Windows 365 for centralization.


Azure Virtual Desktop

Support your remote workforce by setting up a secure remote desktop experience to access applications from virtually anywhere. Increase security, experience scaling benefits, and receive cost-saving opportunities.


Microsoft Endpoint Management

Seamlessly secure, deploy and manage all your users, apps, and devices in one place. You’ll ensure security across all endpoints with comprehensive management.

Contact Olmec today to drive better outcomes for your business through our Microsoft Solutions in New Jersey.


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Custom Microsoft solutions designed to suit
your exact business needs:

Cherish Your Journey to Digital Transformation

Microsoft IT Solutions

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Olmec delivers highly specialized technical capabilities to your organization through our deep technical expertise and wide industry affiliations. We pride ourselves on delivering highly customized, and innovative solutions to each technical project you undertake. We have the technical muscles and deep-rooted habit of due diligence to ensure a seamless digital transformation, long-term coverage from an ever-evolving array of threats and a well-earned position at the very cutting-edge of industry-leading performance.


Microsoft Expertise

Our team of specialists have a combined expertise of decades of hands-on technical experience and specialize in over 13 core Microsoft competencies. Our easy familiarity with Microsoft products and technologies makes it possible for our clients to painlessly align their infrastructure to deliver their long-term strategic vision. Our certification as a Microsoft Gold Cloud Solutions Partner puts Olmec in the very top 1% of all Microsoft partners. This means that through Olmec your business will have access to exclusive technical resources and programs that are reserved only for the top Microsoft Gold partners.

Digital transformation

Businesses are encouraged by Digital transformation strategy to adopt the newest technologies to provide better value and experience to their customers.


Digital Transformation Steps


Advocate Cloud-First Strategies

We have a cloud-first mindset for digital transformation strategy, business initiatives and communication strategies. This ensures that your organization always has the agility and scalability advantage that cloud brings to the table.


Innovative Technology Solutions

Our digital transformation strategy consulting and solutions are highly innovative and creatively devised to serve your exact business needs. We always ensure that the proposed solutions align with your core business objectives and strategic vision.


Operate with peace of mind in a Secure & Monitored Environment

On cloud, on premise, or using a hybrid solution, Olmec guarantees the security of your IT environment with rigorous and dedicated 24/7/365 monitoring. This leads to proactive issue resolutions, without giving issues the breathing room to grow into bigger problems that can lead to production stoppage.


Focus on the bottom-line

Olmec prides itself in its ability to provide the most value-laden service experience and digital business transformation strategy in the market. Our team of dedicated specialists are committed to relationship building, listening, and tapping into a broader organization of resources and specializations to ultimately enhance your service experience and positively impact your bottom line consistently.


“As an Olmec customer, you deserve complete satisfaction, so we will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.”

Jason Manteiga
Vice President

Chris Forte
President & CEO

Why Clients Trust Us as Their Go-To Tech Support Partner

Eliminate Your Technology Headaches Once and For All with Olmec's Strategic Approach.


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Why Olmec?

Everything Olmec offers you centers around one thing: minimizing technology problems and getting your team back to work.

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Why Olmec is your Microsoft Partner of choice

As a Microsoft Solutions Provider, we are dedicated to equipping your business with services, technologies and solutions custom-tailored to help you accomplish your most pressing priorities, overcome challenges and address issues. We can help grow your organization from scratch, improve on profitability margins and help you be more competitive, agile and responsive in a tightening market scenario. As a National Microsoft Partner, we are always mindful of your current business needs and future goals and offer a range of customized Microsoft-based business solutions to best serve your needs.

We unlock the true potential of your business through:

  • Enhanced ability to serve your customers better
  • Acquire new customers faster and effectively manage continuing relationships
  • Manage costs more effectively even during growth phases, with quality of life improvements in processes
  • More agile and effective decision-making, based on highly accurate and up-to-date data and insights
  • Better experience for your employees, with a reduction in turnover and human resource costs

Olmec Maximizes your Microsoft 365 Investment


Taking care of the Details

We understand your business intimately and match you with the right subscription and its daily management.


Network Installation

Olmec’s enhanced focus on security through our dedicated security package, antivirus and malware protection and 24/7/365 monitoring ensures your network stays protected and ahead of all issues and attacks.


Providing valuable insight

We proactively keep you updated on Microsoft 365 improvements and new features that are relevant to you, and keep your infrastructure and business strategically aligned with our 5-Year Technology Roadmap.