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Managed IT Services New Jersey

Do you need just help desk support to help with routine workload or a highly responsible provider for your mission-critical technology-driven services?

As a leading managed service provider in NJ, we minimize your infrastructure issues and make your IT runs autonomously – so you can focus on business growth.

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Proactive Managed IT Services in New Jersey

  • Has the volume and complexity of your IT issues gone up with remote work?
  • Are your teams suffering from blurring of work and home divisions?
  • Are those IT issues remaining unsolved for hours and putting strain on your overall productivity?

For over 25 years, we’ve helped businesses in New Jersey realize their business visions by aligning their infrastructure with their goals. Improvement in response times, round-the-clock support and first-call resolutions to move your service desk queues at blazing speeds and minimize ticket volumes are just value additions to this.



Flat Monthly

24/7 Emergency

Guaranteed First
Call Resolution

Proactive Performance
Monitoring Apps

100% Improvement in
IT response Times

100% Satisfaction

Online, onsite and on-demand support for work-from-anywhere teams.


“As an Olmec customer, you deserve complete satisfaction, so we will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.”

Jason Manteiga
Vice President

Chris Forte
President & CEO

Your IT Support Partner, not just your ‘IT Guy’.

Everything Olmec offers you centers around one thing: minimizing technology problems.


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Why Olmec?

We know businesses in New Jersey like the back of our hands and have earned the continuous trust of local clients for over 25 years.

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Efficient and Cost-effective IT Services in New Jersey

With Olmec’s proactive technology managed services, you are in the driver’s seat of your business with always-available infrastructure performing at peak efficiencies. Whether you want to keep or manage the headcount in your internal IT teams, Olmec’s Managed IT Services New Jersey team can help you drive significant savings in OPEX.

online & onsite support

Online and Onsite IT Services

Our expert onsite IT Technicians will be on their way before you can hang up the phone. For everything else, our expert remote technicians are on standby for first call resolutions and ticket solving with minimum fuss 24/7/365.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

With our cutting-edge Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions, you have the power to get the most out of your virtual desktop strategy to deploy, manage, and optimize virtual desktop environments for your on-premises environments.


Incident Response Planning

We have a comprehensive set of instructions on next teams and immediate actions. We also have a list of network and data recovery procedures that are followed to ensure the infrastructure is not exposed to another breach as we work to restore business continuity.

system integration

Managed & Distributed Wi-Fi Services

We also have a robust platform that provides best in class access points with dual-band support. With managed Wi-Fi, you can track network performance in real-time and gain secure LAN access. We provide streamlined scalability as the workspace grows.

Data Backup

We ensure that your data is stored securely and ready to be restored at any time. You can be assured that your critical customer or sensitive staff data is safe and accessible when you need it the most with an Olmec data recovery plan.


Managed Wireless Devices

We assist with the management of wireless devices as well as all other facets of your network. We have a 24/7/365 IT support service team to help you with data trending and review.

Get industry-leading expertise, best practices and world-class tools and technologies delivered at the doorstep for your New Jersey business. Olmec helps you usher in a cultural change of proactivity in managing technology from the traditional break/ fix model that costs your business time and money.

Drive better business outcomes with Olmec’s New Jersey Managed IT Services.

Strategic IT Managed Services in New Jersey

Keep your business running lean, mean and scalable on demand with comprehensive remote management.


Are you struggling to cope with the performance issues or management of the new work-from-home collaboration and productivity tools?


Are you not sure of what’s causing your IT issues? Do you want to fix them before it impacts your end-users?


Are you not able to provide rapid response to help your organization maintain optimal productivity?


Does your team find it challenging to manage the vast hardware and network services and being technically competent enough to implement a robust network?

managed IT services

Managed IT Services Company, Olmec can help you with:

  • Managing performance issues and deploying/ management of new work-from-home collaboration and productivity tools
  • Fix your IT issues before they impact your end-users
  • Provide rapid response with managed services to help your organization maintain peak productivity
  • Optimize multi-site operational challenges with avast and complex network hierarchies, and hardware

24/7/365 Monitoring
in New Jersey

Say GOODBYE to the cost of managing full-scale in-house teams with Olmec’s comprehensive managed services in IT.

We remotely manage your network, and offer critical assistance through training and strategic guidance in aligning overall infrastructure with your business goals. At Olmec, we use a combination of domain experts and leading technology tools to ensure resilience and strength in your network.


Give your IT team the strategic guidance with New Jersey Managed IT Services or, say goodbye to internal teams forever at predictable costs for a full suite of managed IT services.

With Olmec, you are guaranteed of 24/7/365 monitoring of your network and highly responsive remote management. Additionally, our Managed Connectivity Services can also add further value to your New Jersey business in terms of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of different internet services providers in various regions.

Drive true cost savings through strategic remote monitoring and management. Contact Olmec today!

Disaster Recovery in New Jersey

  • Did you recently encounter an accidental deletion, database corruption, or problem with a software upgrade?
  • Have you encountered data loss from drive failures/ corruption?

Forget recurring issues like accidental deletion, database corruption, or problem with a software upgrade and get coverage from painful data loss from drive failures/ corruption.

With Olmec’s Disaster Recovery Services in New Jersey, you can protect your business and your valuable, sensitive data from virtually any threat you can think of.

Disaster Recovery Solutions
We Offer

IT Support Software and Hardware Update

Data Backup

Our data backup and recovery service ensures that your data is stored securely and ready to be restored at any time. Your critical customer or sensitive staff data is safe and accessible when you need it the most with an Olmec data backup services.

software product development

Disaster Recovery Management

Reduce the impact of unplanned outages with our disaster recovery plan that helps ensure the resiliency of your data, software, and infrastructure.

360 Degree Managed
Services For Your Business

SMBs are a very lucrative target for hackers because in most cases they can’t afford enterprise-grade security solutions. Small Business Managed IT Services protect your company, proprietary data, and client information with a proactively managed program that includes training your most vulnerable attack vectors – social engineering attacks targeting your employees.

IT support

Vendor Management

Olmec can help you keep track of technology costs, minimize vendor risks, drive excellent service, and derive value from vendors over time. This involves sourcing, researching best possible suppliers, and gathering pricing options.

Olmec vendor management services provide you with a single point of touch for all your vendors. We also promise that your current contracts will not expire without a review of offerings and prices to ensure you always get the best service at the most competitive price point.

systems management

Systems Management

Reduce the strain on in-house teams by outsourcing repetitive system-level support. Olmec has a proven track record in delivering low cost, high quality, and risk reduced comprehensive systems management to our clients.

We use an ITIL framework and our operational efficiencies and advanced niche expertise helps  drive better results and reduced risk for clients by proactively protecting their infrastructure and processes.

network security

Network Security

We provide security device, system monitoring and maintenance as a service. These include controlled firewall, intrusion prevention, virtual private network, vulnerability testing, and anti-viral services and more.

We provide Security Assessment, Penetration Testing, Security Operations Center (SOC), and Cloud Security to anticipate potential damages and minimize risk exposure. We also empower you with complete control over privacy and enforcement with all your shared data, business intelligence, and other assets.

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Security & Compliance

With increasing rigour in compliance regimes, companies need compliance in order to improve security, minimize losses, increase control and maintain trust.

Our corporate security initiatives enable you to meet and exceed compliance protocols to combat external threats along with heightened credentialing programs to deter employee errors and insider theft. We also decide which regulations apply to your company and ensure that they are followed throughout.

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With Olmec you are guaranteed of 24/7/365 monitoring of your network and highly responsive remote management that renders in-house management nearly superfluous.

Olmec’s comprehensive management offers better than leading industrial security performance at highly predictable costs. More importantly, we guarantee seamless business continuity in case of security incidents within 15 minutes.

Benefits of Working With Olmec

We help you meet and exceed stated business goals with careful evaluation of current infrastructure capacities and careful calibration of value vs. cost in business scaling. Our IT strategies are pivoted towards finding and addressing weak points and enhancing your network strengths.

24/7 IT Support in New Jersey

Enhanced Productivity

We provide transparent performance monitoring to capture short and long-term improvements. Our end-to-end technology support and services with industry-leading SLAs and on-demand resources are available for teams in any location.

 Cost Efficiency

Irrespective of your budget, we have a host of cutting-edge technologies on offer that can help you literally skip a few growth cycles ahead in your production phase. Experience a smooth transition from Capital Expense to Opex models and usage-based pricing with Olmec.

Expert Guidance

You will always get the most competitive pricing vis-à-vis quality of services in New Jersey at Olmec. We also have a large reserve bench of IT experts waiting for a chance to jump in as your business expands.  

Access to Talent

High-quality talent from experienced backgrounds are now just a call away with Olmec’s best-fit talent management to handle your IT needs. Forget the logistical nightmare of recruiting and continuously training highly valued, rare and continually evolving skill sets with managed resource pools and training.

Are you ready to experience the next stage of evolution in your IT environment?

 Give Olmec a call today and discover a world of business value and convenience in IT services management. We guarantee you won’t find a more performance-oriented provider in IT managed services in New Jersey.

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