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Just Change Your Password Already – Another 45 Million Passwords Stolen

By July 1, 2016May 25th, 2021Blog, Cybersecurity

JustXChangeXYourXPasswordXAlreadyXAnotherX45XMillionXPasswordsXStolenLeakedSource provides us with yet more bad news. Hackers have breached VerticalScope, a media company that runs a number of large online communities, including several enormously popular ones including,, and

According to the company, for every record they found, they found a corresponding IP address, email address, and at least one password. The total size and scale of this breach was enormous, spanning more than 1,100 different websites and in excess of 45 million user account records. This, of course, is on top of the literally hundreds of millions of compromised accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and other popular websites across the internet.

By now, the writing should be on the wall in a font big enough for all to see. You are not safe. Your account information is not safe. If you use the same password across multiple sites, then your identity itself is not safe, because a hacker can get your “master password” from any one of the breaches mentioned above, and access your credit accounts, your bank accounts, and pretty much everything else you have.

End result? The hackers will have everything you once owned, and you’ll have nothing.

Yes, you can get it back…probably. If you don’t mind spending 2-3 years of your life chasing ghosts and phantoms if you’re lucky. The good news is: you don’t have to go through all of that. You can change all your passwords right now, and use a different password for every account you have.

Or, you can do nothing and hope you get lucky. Hope that the law of large numbers works in your favor, and that the hackers will simply pass you by. They might. There are a lot of other accounts they could clean out, but do you really want to take that chance? Change your passwords. All of them. As soon as you finish reading this.

Chris Forte

Chris Forte, President and CEO of Olmec Systems, has been in the MSP workspace for the past 25 years. Chris earned his Master’s Degree from West Virginia University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. He was a past member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a current member of the New Jersey Power Partners and Executive Association of New Jersey, where he has previously served on its board of directors. In his spare time, Chris enjoys traveling with his family. He also admits to being a struggling golfer and avid watcher of college football and basketball. He currently lives in Boonton Township, NJ with his wife, two daughters, son, and black lab Luna.