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IT Support New York

Stuck with unresponsive or slow IT Support in New York City?

We’ll show you how great proactive, local IT support should be for your business. At Olmec, we simplify IT support for small & medium businesses in New York. We put your IT on autopilot, so you cruise through business growth cycles.

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24/7 IT Support in New York

Olmec works at the cutting edge of IT services with state-of-the-art infrastructure, expedited workflows, the best IT professionals in the industry, a trusted network of vendors, and third-party service providers in New York.

Our list of IT Support Services in New York:

  • Round-the-clock 24/7/365 IT Support
  • Rapid Response and Deployment Procedures
  • Zero Downtime and Guaranteed KTLO
  • Customized IT solutions to Meet Unique Requirements
  • Predictable Budgets and Cost-Effective solutions
  • Reactive and Proactive Troubleshooting
  • Transparent Personalized SLAs as per Deliverables
  • Dedicated Teams for On-premise IT support in New York
  • Benchmarking Remote Workflow Systems for Remote IT Support

Message from the President

With Olmec, you get access to the best IT experts in NYC, industry-leading resources that are necessary to provide IT support, and a business culture that is built on problem-solving and transparency.

President & CEO
Olmec Systems, LLC.

Why Olmec?

At Olmec, we know the IT deliverables your business needs and can meet all such requirements as a single-point full-scale provider.

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IT Support Coverage in New York

Small and medium-sized businesses need professional IT support, just like the big guys. The difference is, when the big guys need help, they call their in-house IT department. If your company is in a situation where it needs IT service & support quickly, your company probably doesn’t have that in-house IT support luxury.

Hardware Support

Outsource your hardware management and support requirements to our IT Support professionals for cost-effective, round-the-clock solutions that happily meet your budget.

software update

Software Support

Let Olmec upgrade your business operations with the latest software systems for workload management, email apps, accounting & tax, CMS, security, and more.

Network & Server Support

Our experts redesign your IT framework with industry-grade updates, on-site or remote IT support, and personalized integrations. Our work processes are designed to cause minimal friction to your business operations.

system integration

Data Storage

We liaise with local and global data center providers and cloud storage vendors. We can help you build a fully secure and scalable database that you can rely on and forget worrying about storage capacities.

Data Backup & Recovery

We manage tons of data every day for many strategic partner businesses through multiple data storage vendors. With Olmec, you get access to state-of-the-art data backup and recovery solutions delivered with zero downtime.

Application Development

Software Integrations & Updates

Your business runs on multiple software and we know the headache involved in getting them to play well with each other. Let our experts help you with better software integrations and updates, so your projects run seamlessly.


With Olmec, you get access to dedicated defensive resources and cybersecurity experts with more than a decade of crucial first-hand experience in IT security. Your business and data are safe with us!

software product development

Regulatory Compliance

At Olmec, we have been achieving compliance and regulation from scratch for multiple strategic business partners.

Rapid IT Assessment

We quickly assess your IT bottlenecks and provide on-point solutions while also implementing checks in place to avoid the issues from recurring altogether.

Predictable IT Service Cost

IT issues may be unpredictable, but your outgo for resolving them must remain at manageable levels. Experience proves crucial here to create and manage IT operational structures at predictable costs.

Friction-free IT Deployment

We ensure your business keeps running with minimum downtime and friction irrespective of the IT issues that may crop up.

Customized IT Solutions

At Olmec, we customize deliverables and deployment tactics as per your business needs and operational structures.

Why chose Olmec for IT Support in New York


We Make Your Business Run Better

Olmec is a leader in the New York IT ecosystem in both service-level innovations and market repute. We believe in offering IT solutions that help your business run better, work faster, deliver on time, and upgrade sustainably while adhering to your budgets.


We get your hardware blueprint right from the get go

Forget crossing your fingers every time you get a new MSP on board or if you have to upgrade your hardware. We get your blueprint right from the get go and revise it if necessary to suit your business needs. There won’t be any crossed wires, or reconfiguration mess with Olmec in charge of your IT.


On-site and Remote Support in New York

Get dedicated teams for on-site and remote support. Benefit from our highly experienced in-house IT support and virtual support services.


24/7/365 IT support in NYC

IT experts should be available round-the-clock to provide hands-on services whenever or even before an issue crops up in your business.

IT Project Management Services
for New York

From day one of working with us, you’ll be assigned a primary engineer. Your service engineers are highly skilled and trained, and they are dedicated to knowing everything possible about your company’s IT needs.

Your primary engineer will handle any and all requests you might have. The primary engineer is one part of our mission to truly be your IT partner, not your “IT guy”.

Our project managers will take the time to talk to you about where your business is today and where you want it to be 5 years from now. As your company grows, your engineers and one of our project managers will work to provide IT-related suggestions to help your company run more efficiently and with better productivity.

IT Support Challenges in New York

Providing bespoke IT support services requires market experience and specialized niche IT experts. The absence of even one of these will cause bottlenecks. At Olmec, we know how to overcome these common bottlenecks first-hand.

At Olmec, our multiple years of experience have helped us study these common bottlenecks and devise relevant preemptive solutions. Get the best in New York IT support with service-level guarantees with Olmec.

IT Support New York FAQ’s

When do you need IT support in New York?

If you are finding it hard to concentrate on your core business while managing network downtime, software updates, hardware maintenance, and more with multiple vendors – the solution is simple. Get a managed IT support service provider to enhance your capabilities. Olmec can get it all done and running smoothly so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Why should you go for a strategic IT partner?

A managed IT support provider will deliver close to all IT requirements your business needs today. A strategic IT partner like Olmec will do that as well, but it will also help your business upgrade its IT framework for better productivity with an eye to growth and future needs. With a strategic IT partner, you can gain the crucial competitive edge and make your IT work just as hard for your business as you are.

How do you know what services you need?

The IT services you need for your business squarely depend on the underlying IT already running your business operations. So, for example, if you have a remote team working on a web-based platform, Olmec can help you out with IT support related to network support, cybersecurity, software support, and basic IT support!

How is Olmec different?

Olmec is a premier name in the New York IT ecosystem. We have liaised with multiple local vendors, and we work with top brands & businesses based out of NYC & Manhattan. With Olmec, you get access to time-tested operational savvy, expert IT teams, benchmarking in-house infrastructure, and above all, a strategic IT partner who is willing to go the length to see your business prosper over years.

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