IT support is just one way Olmec Systems can help your business save money and grow. Olmec Systems offers a variety of management services for your business needs, and managed services for your business’ IT support needs. Olmec Systems will take care of your technology so you can focus on growing your business.  It’s a perfect match. You will find that our IT support and service can help you and your team run your business more efficiently because you won’t have to worry about your technology and network systems. Olmec will handle all of that reliably, efficiently, and with the highest level of customer service.

Small and medium-sized businesses need professional IT support, just like the big guys. The difference is, when the big guys need help, they call their in-house IT department. If your company is in a situation where it needs IT service & support quickly, your company probably doesn’t have that in-house IT support luxury.

Instead, many companies in your position call the in-house defacto “IT guy” or a computer repair service that someone runs out of his house. These solutions can be problematic.   They may take a long time to help you get up and running again or they may just develop a work around while never really addressing the cause of the problem. One of the reasons for this: they don’t understand how your network is a critical success factor for your business.

Olmec understands business. We don’t stop at providing quality IT support to New York City businesses.  We focus on our clients’ business needs, and we don’t get caught up in the latest technology fads. We provide our client’s with a rock solid technology foundation. If you partner with us, our focus will be to help your company become even more productive through a better technology experience.

Consider us your company’s internal IT support and service department – with the only difference being that we’re offsite. As your IT service department, it is our responsibility to learn and know your companies technology needs in every way possible.  Because of this, we provide you with genuine and permanent fixes to your businesses IT service issues.

Here’s how we do it:

We assign a Primary and Secondary Engineer to your account

From day one of working with us, you’ll be assigned a primary engineer. Your service engineers are highly skilled and trained, and they are dedicated to knowing everything possible about your company’s IT needs. Your primary engineer will handle any and all requests you might have.  He or she will work in tandem with the secondary engineer and all other Olmec team members (you always retain access to our entire staff) as needed to get the job done. As your company grows, your engineers and one of our project managers will work to provide IT-related suggestions to help your company run more efficiently and with better productivity.

Project Management Consultative Services

The primary engineer is one part of our mission to truly be your IT partner, not your “IT guy”.  Each of our clients also works regularly with one our project managers. Our project managers will take the time to talk to you about where your business is today and where you want it to be 5 years from now.  This consultative service is our ongoing way of learning about you and your business before we start offering up advice.  IT needs vary for every company, and your IT needs are not an exception. These needs can easily change from one year to the next. Our understanding of this allows us to give you the customized IT support and service your company needs.

Technology should help your business thrive, not become a headache to deal with every time you need it most. With Olmec Systems as your IT partner, you can focus on managing your business, not your network.