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IT Support for Manufacturing in New Jersey New York Atlanta

Olmec fully comprehends and supports the wide and local area networking needs of Manufacturing processes.

Our experienced technicians have decades of hands-on industry expertise in devising intelligent digital solutions for manufacturing IT services.

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IT Challenges faced by
Manufacturing Industry

Scheduling, process efficiency and organization is critical to the manufacturing industry. This makes the availability of custom-fit digital solutions for the factory floor crucial for manufacturing companies.

  • Systems operating on the manufacturing floor under demanding conditions
  • Increasing resource efficiency
  • Ensuring cyber security
  • Project management support for key supply chain initiatives
  • Maintaining high uptime of manufacturing
  • Improving cycle time
  • Retiring workforce and a new generation of digital workers
  • Supporting the agility required for new models, EV, autonomous, etc.
  • Process control systems and applications to collect and share data
  • Integration between manufacturing systems and other business departments

Why Olmec?

Our mantra is that your success is our success. Olmec Manufacturing IT support offers the fastest response and resolution times in New York, New Jesery, and Atlanta.

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Benefits of working with Olmec

As your trusted Manufacturing IT Services technology partners, we remain committed to your long-term success. We design and implement every solution like we would do it for our own; as we believe our business is on the line as much as yours.


Encrypted Email and Secure, Audited File Sharing

Olmec’s cloud service lets Manufacturing Firm users encrypt, store and share their files. Olmec also provides end-to-end encryption for HIPAA compliant email and access controls that protect PHI. In a nutshell, the threats are thwarted long before they have a chance to land in your employee’s inbox.


Data Backup & Business Recovery Processes

We are continuously working on securing client data so they remain secure and yet accessible at a moment’s notice. Our data backup and business recovery processes has evolved over the years as data storage compliance and regulations have changed and we guarantee 100% compliance with all relevant regulations.


Network Systems & Cloud Management

Olmec works on the basis of simplified, converged, and multilayer management solution that provides end-to-end management for all your network and system needs. Our data and cloud management solutions are secure by design and remain highly accessible.


Multi-layered Cybersecurity Defenses

Olmec employs a multi-layered approach to security that uses multiple moving parts to shield the IT infrastructure. This defense mechanism can mitigate threats to the maximum possible extent. We also keep you updated with the latest in industrial cyber security risk analysis and suggest tools and resources whenever they become necessary.

Olmec’s smart manufacturing solutions are designed to provide the maximum possible business value for your company, and keep your infrastructure forward-looking.


“As an Olmec customer, you deserve complete satisfaction, so we will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.”

Jason Manteiga
Vice President

Chris Forte
President & CEO

Your IT Support Partner, not just your ‘IT Guy’.

Everything Olmec offers you centers around one thing: minimizing technology problems.


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End-to-End Networking in New Jersey New York Atlanta

Olmec supports the wide and local area networking needs of manufacturing companies like yours. We can help you design more robust and high performing networks that are secure by design.

We have on board the best local minds in technical consulting in your area that can help fortify your network against an array of evolving credible threats. We can help build the most efficient and cost-effective design of your computer network.

Getting us involved in the earliest stages of your network planning can help you avoid problems that you didn’t see at first or, seize the opportunity to make intelligent, little modifications that can fast-track your return on investment. For instance, consider the business returns on having centralized fax, multi-user Internet access or, automated archival of critical data right from the initial planning stages and not as an afterthought.

24/7 IT Support in New Jersey

Managed-IT for
Manufacturing Processes

Improving your production process over time can be difficult without an experienced Manufacturing IT support provider. We service all popular specialty business and professional applications in IT Services for Manufacturing Companies.

Olmec Manufacturing IT Solutions guarantees maximum uptime for all essential equipment that we manage. This can include anything from industrial grade printers to critical servers. We will design our plan to meet your needs and budget exactly. We can diagnose, repair, and/or upgrade all the equipment you might need in daily operations.

Most importantly, we can help protect your vast network from intrusions, breaches, and espionage. We will thoroughly assess the current state of your infrastructure to identify weaknesses and help bring about long-term improvement to your overall security outlook.

IT Support for Manufacturing Firms

Olmec IT for Manufacturing can help you improve your productivity, efficiency, and bottom line through the right cloud solutions, web and mobile solutions, and an optimized IT environment for your production line. We also manage your ERP and inventory software, and allow you to experience what truly unparalleled IT solutions for manufacturing experience can do for your business.

We protect your business through rigorous network monitoring, predictive maintenance, and quickly resolving any issues that arise while ensuring your IT manufacturing systems run smoothly.

IT Support for Manufacturing
Insights from Atlanta