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IT Support for Energy in New Jersey New York Atlanta

Traditional power companies in the Energy Industry often grapple with difficult issues and confusion in their quest to modernize legacy systems in their infrastructure.

Olmec can help you with your diverse needs for IT Support for Energy Companies. With us managing your infrastructure and end-user support, you are guaranteed 24/7/365 support and effortless IT.

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Improved Security for the Energy Sector

Based on a global study on cyber readiness, Cyber Threat Ranking Table from Hiscox, ranks UK energy companies most likely to experience multiple cyber incidents in a year. The picture is similar here in the US where fairly low cyber security budget and a very high rate of cyber incidents.

U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report says the energy sector faces “significant cyber security risks” because of increased capability of malicious actors. Also while advanced technologies offer significant improvements and real-time system awareness, they can also increase the attack surface of energy companies that malicious actors can exploit to gain illegal entry and compromise larger systems.

This is where Olmec’s unmatched monitoring systems, predictive maintenance and auto low level threat mitigation can help protect your energy firm from threats. We can help you devise intelligent solutions for safeguarding your assets where traditional digital security measures, such as, verification or authentication using pre-set commands or, digital signatures are simply too slow to be effective.

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Why Olmec?

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Benefits of working with Olmec

Olmec local centers in New Jersey, New York, and Atlanta can help you remain operational even in the case of local disasters. We will help you float highly reliable and detailed business continuity plans through our Energy IT Solutions.


Customized Service Levels

We can support your business with highly specific technical support customized to your specific business requirements. You can implement an internal IT support team who can provide on-demand assistance for your employees whenever they face a technical problem.


Proactive and Reactive IT Support

Additional tiers can help you respond more efficiently to help requests from customers and users with an external-facing support team. We can deliver support to your operations anywhere through a variety of mediums including phone, email, live chat or video, chatbots, online tutorials, message boards, and more.


Application Management

We can help simplify operations through unified and adaptable application management that can evolve with changing industry requirements and customer preferences. This will also provide a strong framework for mission-critical apps or custom solutions without causing major IT bottlenecks or, integration issues


Remote Monitoring and Management

Olmec covers end-to-end monitoring and management of your networks, servers, applications and endpoints, and all the data traveling through them. Our advanced tools can help you identify issues and perform predictive maintenance for maximum uptime.


Unmatched Network and Data Security

We can help protect our company with industry-leading protection including firewalls, anti-intrusions systems, end-to-end data encryption, and user permissions.


Cost Savings

Olmec Energy Industry Solutions can help you improve the lagging cost efficiency of your operations manifold, especially in the process of decommissioning legacy networks and implementing smart metering.

The newer crop of energy retailers have a different set of needs, such as, responsive digital marketing and billing so they can effectively capture new commercial and residential customers.

Alternative energy sector start-ups, such as, solar energy suppliers to a whole coterie of people involved in supplying inverters, panels, fuel cells, or car chargers, have a critical necessity for effortless background IT so they can chart out a path for innovative products, awareness initiatives, and investment. Olmec IT Solution for Energy Sector can help all these critical needs and more.

Data Encryption for Energy Industry

The energy sector is a lifeline for proper social functioning and delivers essential services for modern life. Cyber attacks have the potential to disrupt these services completely and hamper reliability through attacks on the IT and operational technology (OT) systems that support energy company operations.

Energy services companies form a highly lucrative target for attackers. A 2019 Siemens/Ponemon report pointed out that 56% of gas, wind, water, and solar utilities globally experienced at least one crippling cyber attack that caused massive loss of revenues and service disruptions including a shutdown or loss of operational data.

Olmec IT Support for Energy Companies provides exceptional data encryption services that can shield your communications from interceptions that can provide a leeway to such attacks.

Technology Migration for the Energy Organizations

Energy sector needs to be able to keep up with the high influx of digital data coming from connected meters and other network devices, and find a way to securely connect that usage data to online billing and CRM in a secure and highly available fashion.

Olmec Energy IT Services can help you de-risk legacy system migration using a proven methodology frequently utilized by us. We will support your migration away from legacy technology for your energy organization to a more modern, safe system that can be easily harnessed for highly reliable domestic or international operations.

We can help you deploy and manage new grid management systems, utilities and help install millions of smart meters and other IoT devices. We can help modernize your OT with cleverly designed integration with IT.


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Threat Protection in New Jersey New York Atlanta

Electric vehicles, smart appliances, and flexible industrial demand can give rise to both convenience and a dramatic increase in the number of vulnerable networked devices on the electricity grid.

Moreover, recent reforms in the energy market has allowed many new actors to participate, including energy companies, aggregators, and individuals, who simply may not be quipped with relevant cyber security skills and knowledge.

To address this, Olmec can help you deploy highly actionable policies and security solutions that can provide comprehensive security to your energy company. This can potentially include:

  • Data-centric solutions that secures your company data both in rest and transit through networks, applications, and the cloudCentralized management to ensure visibility and data security across your entire area of operations
  • Simplify operational complexity, with one source data security management and cloud migration
  • We can help you implement standardized policies, procedures and processes across hybrid IT environments
  • We can help you quickly address urgent security requirements and compliance mandates
  • Olmec understands exactly how availability and connectivity are critical to the energy sector. We can help deploy and manage agile compliance and security processes with zero impact on functionality

IT Solution for Energy Sector

Olmec is a specialized IT support provider in the energy sector. We can help you migrate from legacy systems, improve your overall security outlook, take care of monitoring and threat response to minimize risk from malicious threat actors, make your overall operations more efficient and scalable, help you accrue significant cost savings and more.

IT Support for Energy
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