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IT Support Atlanta

Have a technical problem in your business? We have a solution.

We are always available, responsive, and provide exactly the sort of local IT support, Atlanta has always wanted.

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On-demand IT support
in Atlanta

Unlike other MSPs, we don’t expect your business to fit our model. Rather we try to mold ourselves to fit exactly as your business needs us to.

Our unique approach to IT support is based on our understanding of the unique needs of small and midsize businesses that need to increase productivity, update legacy infrastructure, protect their network from cyber criminals, and scale as the business grows – all while keeping costs at the most manageable levels.

Olmec empowers your Atlanta-based business with IT Support that offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, more efficient workflows, access to some of the best IT minds in the industry, access to proven vendors, and third-party service providers in Atlanta.

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24/7 Help Desk Support in Atlanta

Our 24/7/365 IT Help Desk Support ensures on-demand resolution to all your IT problems, irrespective of their magnitude.

Whether you’re deploying software you’re unfamiliar with or, an unexpected system failure, our team of expert, certified IT Specialists are highly trained in getting your systems functional in the least possible time.

Apart from our guarantee of increased productivity and reduced operational costs, we also have proven expertise across a wide variety of device types, brands, and platforms. Whether you have issues in handling mobile computers, POS systems, payment terminals, PCs, printers, or software – we will have an effective solution for you.

Why Choose Olmec for IT Support Atlanta?

Olmec has always been in the front line helping businesses in Atlanta resolve complex technical IT issues. We have provided specialist technical and helpdesk support to businesses across verticals for over 25 years.

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IT Support Coverage in Atlanta

We can help you achieve the highest productivity levels you have ever experienced, improve your security posture, implement strategic, highly actionable, and scalable solutions while keeping your costs predictable.

Hardware Support for small businesses

Hardware Support

Olmec provides bespoke computer maintenance and hardware support solutions in Atlanta to maximize the performance and efficiency of your business systems.

Software Support

We offer expert IT Support in Atlanta, for both (custom & standard softwares) to meet your specific business needs.


Remote & Onsite Support

With remote and onsite IT Support in Atlanta, you get the assurance of guaranteed first call resolutions remotely and effective local help onsite if the problem can’t be fixed remotely.

system integration

Network/Server Support

We can help you optimize your workflow through relevant server and network support. We can help make your servers resilient to challenges, cyber threats, and the inevitable growing pains of scaling your business.

software product development

Strategic Services

We can help you reduce your IT overheads, boost cash in hand, and improve the financial viability of your business through our Strategic IT Services.

Data Storage & Management

You can protect your data storage by replacing legacy systems with our cohesive storage solutions that include end-to-end storage analysis, design, and support services that can modernize, migrate, and protect your data.


Data Backup & Recovery

Olmec offers unbeatable data backup and recovery solutions for IT support in Atlanta that prevent data breaches and losses, and safeguards you from disruptions, and financial losses. We can help you attain your recovery point objective with optimized IT services.

IT Support Software and Hardware Update

Software Integrations & Updates

We offer technical support, and software maintenance services for proprietary and third party software. Continuous IT maintenance and support can help you mitigate risks and keep your IT budget predictable.


Cybersecurity Atlanta

Olmec helps you protect your information delivery process and systems from threats. We take care of securing everything your information flow, access, and storage, to security of operational and business systems.


Regulatory Compliance

Olmec can help you with regulatory consulting support for both creating and implementing worldwide regulatory compliance strategies. These strategies can be easily adapted for both new and existing products.

IT infrastructure

Flexible IT Infrastructure

Our services can ensure a high degree of stability and performance for your on-premises, cloud or hybrid IT environment. We keep your infrastructure highly available, reliable, and always performing at peak efficiencies.

mac and windows support

Mac & Windows IT support

(Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace) Olmec has decades of expertise in computer repair, network security, and data management. We can guarantee effective technical, operations, and training support of end-user computers and devices (onsite or managed) for IT support in Atlanta.


Patch Management

Olmec offers patch management for servers, network devices, and workstations to eliminate potential vulnerabilities.

vendor management

Vendor Management

Our vendor management service can help you manage third-party vendors efficiently to reduce bottom-line expenses and find the best vendor-client-technology fit out there for your business in Atlanta.

We are one of the leading Tech Companies in Atlanta

We mean it when we say we are responsive.

We have over 95% clearance rate of issue resolution on first call. This means that we can fix your problems within a few seconds or minutes of you thinking of getting in touch with us. Most problems can be solved remotely and quickly, but if you need on-site support in Atlanta, we will be next to you before you know it.


“As an Olmec customer, you deserve complete satisfaction, so we will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.”

Jason Manteiga
Vice President

Chris Forte
President & CEO

Your IT Support Partner, not just your ‘IT Guy’.

Everything Olmec offers you centers around one thing: minimizing technology problems.


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What are the benefits of
IT Support in Atlanta with Olmec?

We are 100% proactive at all times.

We believe in being prepared at all times. We monitor your network 24/7/365. With us on the watch, most likely, you won’t even be aware of issues if they happen, as our team will get it fixed before.


Transparent Billing

With us being responsible for your IT service, your expenditures are guaranteed to come down. Not only do we work with flat pricing, we also offer you the flexibility of opting for services as and when you need them. You can get complete peace of mind with our unlimited onsite and remote support, helpdesk, and more.


Industry-Leading Technical Expertise

We have some of Atlanta’s finest IT minds on board with us whose expertise goes beyond certifications. Our IT Engineers have been seasoned with decades of hands-on technical expertise in different verticals and know exactly what you are up against both from a business and technical standpoint when you call us to solve a problem.


Increased Productivity

We streamline your business processes and improve productivity from the grounds up. You will see noticeable improvements in project management, deployment, and time to market.



We guarantee a reduction in your IT overheads from the first month that you bring us on-board. With improved infrastructure and security posture, you will also save thousands in incidental costs.


Guaranteed First-call Resolution

At Olmec, we pride ourselves on our unmatched ability to nearly always resolving your problem on the first call. Currently, we have a 95% clearance rate on first-call resolutions.


Reduced Downtime and Failsafe Backups

With our penchant for predictive maintenance and 24/7/365 monitoring for potential problems or issues, your IT will seem to run on autopilot. Also, we provide specialized backup services that always remain accessible, yet completely safe from prying eyes.

What makes Olmec the most trusted brand among the other IT Support Companies in Atlanta?

You call will never go to voicemail with us. We always answer before the second ring and you will always speak to a living, breathing human being who is fully technically qualified to assist you with your problem.

For issues that take slightly longer to fix, we will keep you updated on the progress of the resolution process every step of the way.

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