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Five Great Business Ideas From Across The Globe Ripe For Adoption At Home

By May 15, 2014March 7th, 2023Technology News, Uncategorized

idea-305335_640Our world has more than seven billion people living on it. Seven billion creative, innovative people.

I mention that because there are tons of good ideas being developed out there in the world beyond our borders that we haven’t even heard of yet. Those ideas bear looking at, because the simple truth is, we don’t have a monopoly on good ideas. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who dreams it up, it matters who makes the best use of it.

In that spirit, I did some looking around the world, and brought back five different ideas that are taking root in other countries, but haven’t made it to our shores yet. Better hurry though, or some enterprising man or woman will beat you to these.

1) Microloans

Nation of Origin: Bangladesh

This phenomenon actually got its start in 1987, so it’s been around for a while. Since its inception, it has spread to Africa and other parts of the undeveloped world. The problem and opportunity is that right here in the United States (especially in the deep south and Appalachia), we have conditions that resemble those of third world countries. The same principles that are lifting millions out of poverty worldwide could be applied right here in our own nation, at a profit!

2) RyanAir

Nation of Origin: England

This company takes the notion of a budget airline to a whole new level. Their fares are literally half what their competition charges, and there’s nothing like it in the States. You in a seat on the plane? That’s covered in the ticket price. You going to the bathroom in flight? That too, is okay. Everything else is an add on, and you pay extra. It’s working tremendously well there, and would probably translate well here with budget conscious travelers.

3) Ikea Shelters

Nation of Origin: Sweden

A shelter that can serve as a home for a minimum of three years and sleep six? For under a thousand dollars? We have entire cities of homeless people made from crudely fashioned tents here. No kidding, one of them is even called ‘Tent City’ – they just elected a new mayor. Most of the people who live there have jobs, they just don’t make enough to afford a place to stay. There’s a huge market for these shelters in the US.

4) More Space Efficient Hospital Beds

Nation of Origin: India

Hospitals in India routinely purchased beds for their hospitals from the USA, at a cost of about $10,000 per bed. An enterprising young man in India came up with a new design that takes up 40% less space, because many of the “optional extras” we use in hospital rooms are built onto his bed by design. From IV poles to hand sanitizer dispensers, it’s all right there built into the bed.

40% better use of space translates into more beds per hospital without having to build expensive new wings. He’s currently getting orders faster than he can make the beds, and it’s not a huge secret why.

5) X-Ray Specialists

Nation of Origin: India

Doctors get paid a lot more than lab techs. Having a Doctor read and analyze an X-ray is therefore vastly more expensive than having a trained X-ray Technician do it, because the technician makes a fraction of the Doctor’s salary.

It hasn’t caught on in the US yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time. In India, they’re finding a higher percentage of X-rays read correctly by the technicians who specialize in it, simply because that’s what they spend all their time doing. You could be the person to bring that to the United States.

Cool ideas that can make money don’t just happen at home!

Jason Manteiga

Jason J. Manteiga, Vice President of Olmec Systems, has been part of the company for over the past 20 years. He believes that having a great work environment and supportive team, is the ultimate key to success. Since being in the IT realm for over 25 years, Jason, along with Olmec Systems, has been on the Inc. 5000 “List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies” and Channel Futures MSP 501 “Top Managed Service Providers in North America,” along with other awards and nominations. Jason earned his Bachelor Degree in Information Systems from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He also holds certifications in Microsoft MCSE, VMWare VCP, and Cisco CCNA. In his spare time, Jason is a contributor for The Center for Social & Legal Research (Privacy Exchange) and a member of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce. His hobbies include cycling and kayaking. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife, two daughters and son.