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Facebook’s Graph Search Rolls Out to U.S. Users

By July 10, 2013March 6th, 2023Technology News


Facebook’s Graph Search has been highly anticipated. The advanced search feature began to roll out earlier this week after being announced in January of this year. While Graph Search is only available in American English at the moment, the company plans on porting it over to other languages soon so it can do a worldwide launch.

Zuckerberg himself announced this new search feature, calling it a new way to find people, places, and interests that are relevant to you specifically. The search incorporates your friends “likes” and “places most visited” so you can make an educated guess about where you’d like to eat – which is a question you can ask the new Graph Search, if you’d like.

Graph Search isn’t replacing Facebook’s regular search, but it will take its place at the top of the page with the regular search bar. Graph Search will take combined phrases and words, fish into the shared Facebook data of your friends, and return an answer based on what it finds.

Understandably, considering that this new feature relies on data that could be considered private heavily, the company is taking many precautions to make sure users have ample opportunity to hide what is shared with their friends, family, and the world, before the feature goes live. During this next week or so, everyone should get a privacy update alert so they can choose what is seen and what is not, in addition to announcing specific search rules. These new rules are controlled by the age you have listed on Facebook in part.

This is part of Facebook’s new campaign to keep users – including their dwindling teen base – interested in the website.

Keep an eye out for the privacy setting changes and make sure you try it out once it pops up at the top of your personal page.

Chris Forte

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