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What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation presents boundless opportunities for organizations, and yet most companies are yet to capitalize on the potential of digital transformation and continue to perceive it as a major challenge. Although there has been a major push from the top down for digital transformation, most companies are finding it difficult to execute their transformation strategy as their workers lack the requisite tools or experience to affect a smooth transition. This is where IT consulting services in New Jersey can help companies overcome core difficulties by establishing a clear digital transformation strategy that’s aligned with their business goals.

Why is digital transformation important?

Currently, most companies are in the process of deploying full-scale digital transformation and yet, most are yet to move beyond the drawing board and only a handful of them have actually achieved complete transformation. Digital transformation remains a critical imperative for organizational success as without it most companies will continue to lag behind their competitors or unable to realize the scale that they could be working at. Without digital transformation it’s difficult to even implement an organizational culture that encourages experimentation, innovation and improvement.

What is digital transformation consulting?

With changing consumer demands and technology environments, businesses are forced to renovate the way they operate or risk being left out. Digital Transformation Consulting in New York enables a design-led approach to business process simplification and increased efficiencies using digital tools. This is a service that essentially guides companies to formulate their unique digital transformation strategy and deploy it in a realistic and painless fashion to enhance performance.

What is a digital transformation consulting firm?

Consultants (DTC) take the time to understand the company’s existing infrastructure, processes, people and organization to understand how it can leverage its existing strengths and enhance capabilities through digital technologies for sustainable long-term improvement. Digital consulting incorporates emerging technologies with existing ones to continually improve the experience design, customer experience, user experience, and marketing transformation. They also implement  the right digital processes to enhance the organization’s ability to scale.

Why is Digital Transformation Consulting important now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely served to make digital transformation a survival tactic for most companies in the wake of the economic slowdown. Nearly every business organization is currently looking for ways to improve their agility, speed, and data-driven decision making through digital tools. While most organizations have woken up to the critical nature of digital transformation, recent studies indicate that nearly 70% of organizations failed to affect a full transformation due to cultural resistance and other factors.


Drivers of a Successful Digital Transformation

Integrated strategy with clear transformation goals

Having clear transformation goals is a result of an impartial assessment of the current capabilities of an organization and where it wants to go. This requires a dispassionate analysis of a company’s people, technology, data, as well as its culture, leadership, and governance structures. Having an effective strategy also means being aware of current industry trends and potential disruptions. Most importantly, the transformation strategy needs to be integrated with specific business goals and outcomes. Olmec’s IT consulting services in New Jersey can help define your transformation strategy.

Leadership commitment from CEO through to middle management

Effective digital transformation requires simplified and straightforward decision making. This can sometimes mean completely renovating your KPIs to assess progress and remove obstacles as you go. This requires wholehearted commitment from both the business and technical ends of the organization – something that consultants excel at doing. The transformation can be led from the top but every level of the organization needs to commit and have a stake in the process in order to effect real change.

Deploying high-caliber talent

There is a persistent myth that digital transformation is aimed at replacing human potential. In fact, digital transformation helps to scale and augment human capabilities. Digital transformation consultants can help you recruit talent (both locally and globally) with relevant skills in emerging areas like data science and human-centered design. They can also help you achieve optimum resource allocation and peak efficiencies between in-house talent and outsourcing. Consultants can also help you upskill your existing employees through continuous training, interactive learning, coaching, and encouragement. For more information, please refer to IT consulting agencies in New Jersey, New York, and Atlanta.

An agile governance mindset that drives broader adoption

Agile governance is critical in driving effective digital transformation as organizations need the ability to respond and adapt quickly to change. Consultants can help you integrate agility as part of your business culture by fostering collaboration across functions, iterative development, and implementing a new attitude towards learning and growth that empowers your workers to adapt and innovate. Consultants can also help you achieve a critical aligning of governance, processes, and organizational structure through uniform, platform-driven operations.

Effective monitoring of progress towards defined outcomes

IT consulting services in New Jersey consultants can help you quickly realize value by identifying, prioritizing, and deploying high-impact use cases. Consultants can help you iteratively foster innovation by quickly building a proof of concept and validating business use cases. They can also help you incubate through launching a minimum viable product and develop it through agile sprints. Finally, an IT consultant like Olmec can help you get market-ready by running at scale.

Business-led modular technology and platform

Digital transformation with IT support in Atlanta enables you to use a data and digital platform employing data lake, APIs, and microservices. This essentially makes businesses capable of building applications using a modular, scalable approach. Consultants can help you build these kinds of data platforms as well as the governance and processes you need to develop new capabilities and realize value quickly.

How to choose a Digital Transformation implementation partner?

Digital transformation success relies largely on your choice of the right IT consultant. You need to choose a consultant with proven expertise in a relevant niche. You can do this by assessing the consultants’ previous engagements based on the value they were able to create for clients through technical expertise, process expertise, and industrial expertise. You should also drill down to evaluate the resume and experience of the individual POC consultant responsible for driving transformation at your organization. You should also be wary of vendor biases when it comes to choosing the right consultant.

Olmec can help you transform and transcend your business!

IT consultancy services add value through their additional manpower, technical and global industry expertise. This expertise and the consultants ability to intuitively gauge your business and technical capabilities is critical in driving digital transformation. Olmec can be your Digital Transformation partner in New Jersey. We can help you empower your business through best-in-class consulting services that can truly transform your capabilities to deliver at scale and realize full digital transformation.

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