Everyone is familiar with usernames and passwords. We use them for our online banking accounts, social media sites, and office systems in most cases. This is called single factor authentication. One of the big weaknesses with single factor authentication is that your unique username and password can be discovered by a 3rd party using various methods. Some are as simple as someone looking over your shoulder while you are logging in and other methods involve malware recording your keystrokes. However you look at it when this happens you open yourself up to the risk of data theft or worst. Two-Factor authentication adds another level of protection by requiring a second piece of information to login. It is a different code every time you use it so it can’t be recorded and used at a later time. One of the most common ways to receive this Two-Factor code is via your personal phones SMS/Text. Olmec will help you identify the systems that need protecting and can implement a cloud based Two-Factor solution that alleviates the need for new equipment to be purchased. Please Contact Us for more information.