Sometimes a company is most vulnerable when an employee unintentionally runs an unauthorized application on an office PC/Laptop. For example a Trojan such as Cryptolocker can be run when an employee unknowingly clicks a link on an unsafe website. This Trojan in turn will encrypt and effectively destroy any shared company files that the employee may have had access to. Events such as these can be minimized by a multi-layer approach to Cybersecurity. While a comprehensive solution would include Gateway Firewall and Endpoint protection it is beneficial to have effective network policies in place as well. Policies can take the form of written rules or automated filters and restrictions. Written policies help employees understand what is and is not acceptable on the company network and automated policies/restrictions make sure the specific policies cannot be broken. Olmec has years of experience helping craft these policies and implementing solutions which will add another layer of protection to your overall Cybersecurity solution. Please Contact Us for more information.