Encryption is one of the most effective ways to protect your data from unauthorized access. At it’s core it makes data unreadable without a private key which only your business and authorized personnel would have access to. There are encryption solutions for shared files, email and a multitude of other data types.

  • Email Encryption provides the ability to selectively encrypt the contents of an email before sending it to a 3rd party. This solution also provides for message viewing tracking, forwarding restrictions, and message recall.
  • Shared File Encryption solutions can be applied to a new or existing file server in order to protect the file data from being copied off the server through non-typical means.
  • PC and Laptop Full Disk Encryption is used to protect critical data in the event a laptop/PC is lost or stolen. Without the encryption key the only data the thief will have is unreadable gibberish. This is especially important when your business must report data loss to its client base. This not only harms your company’s reputation but also opens you up to possible legal damages.

Olmec will help you identify key areas where encryption is critical and implement the solutions where needed. Please Contact Us for more information.