For businesses that need the highest level of protection we have partnered with eSentire in order to provide an advanced security solution paired with highly trained security experts. This Active Threat Protection Platform can both identify internal and external attacks. Once identified automatically the alert is reviewed live by a Security Operations Center Expert. It is this combination of automated and human intervention that sets the eSentire solution apart from typical application based security software.

eSentire Network Interceptor maximizes safety with active threat protection. It delivers:

  • Active defense against data and intellectual property loss.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention of Active Persistent Threats (APTs), even “zero day” attacks.
  • Real-time inspection of every packet, stopping threats that others miss.
  • Behavior-based detection of suspicious activities.
  • Client-specific security interaction and ongoing consultation
  • Seamless escalation to active engagement by certified security analysts, 24x7x365.

We will help implement this solution and work with you and the eSentire team to ensure your security needs are being fulfilled. If your business is interested in this level of protection please Contact Us for more information.