“Ransomware use grew by 167 times year-over-year and was the payload of choice for malicious email campaigns and exploit kits” states a 2017 Threat Report from Sonicwall.

Cyber Attacks are no longer something that you read about happening to Fortune 500 companies only. If your business has not experienced an attack yet there is a good chance you know of someone whose business has. These attacks take all shapes and sizes. Some are extremely targeted using insider information while others can just be a simple email with a malicious link. The results range from business disruptions, financial loss, to reputation damage.

There are many solutions and services that help businesses mitigate the various risks. We at Olmec are here to help you sort through these options so that you can make an informed decision as to the best path forward for your business. We understand that a Hedge Fund will have different security requirements and pain points than a manufacturing firm or CPA. Whether you have an immediate need or just some questions about Cybersecurity we are here to help. Give us a call at 973-586-6590/770-462-2630 or contact us via the web.