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Cybersecurity New Jersey

Whether you have an immediate need or just some questions about Cybersecurity, we are here to help.

Our Cybersecurity solutions include prevention. protection. detection. auditing. compliance.

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Prevention, Protection, and Detection


If your office network is connected to the Internet it is vulnerable to the outside world. A firewall is the first line of defense against malicious traffic entering your office. As with most things firewalls are not all created equal. An inadequate or misconfigured firewall will do nothing to protect from malware and viruses let alone certain cyberattacks. Its duties do not end here though. A good firewall should be able to recognize the application data passing through and give you the ability to either block, allow or prioritize it depending on your business and employee policy requirements. It also needs to be sized properly or your business will not be able to use the full Internet bandwidth that you are paying for. We at Olmec will help identify the correct solution for your business needs. We are certified to sell and implement Cisco, Juniper, and Sonicwall based solutions. Please Contact Us for more information.

Endpoint Protection

One important security layer is the software that runs on individual PCs, Laptops and Servers. While on its own it is not enough to protect from every threat it does provide a last line of defense against most known viruses and malware programs. It is a key component of any Cybersecurity plan for your business. Olmec will manage this solution through the use of our monitoring tools to ensure it is always up-to-date and functioning properly. Please Contact Us for more information.


Encryption is one of the most effective ways to protect your data from unauthorized access. At it’s core it makes data unreadable without a private key which only your business and authorized personnel would have access to. There are encryption solutions for shared files, email and a multitude of other data types.

Email Encryption provides the ability to selectively encrypt the contents of an email before sending it to a 3rd party. This solution also provides for message viewing tracking, forwarding restrictions, and message recall.

Shared File Encryption solutions can be applied to a new or existing file server in order to protect the file data from being copied off the server through non-typical means.

PC and Laptop Full Disk Encryption is used to protect critical data in the event a laptop/PC is lost or stolen. Without the encryption key the only data the thief will have is unreadable gibberish. This is especially important when your business must report data loss to its client base. This not only harms your company’s reputation but also opens you up to possible legal damages.

Olmec will help you identify key areas where encryption is critical and implement the solutions where needed. Please Contact Us for more information.

Active Threat Protection

For businesses that need the highest level of protection we have partnered with eSentire in order to provide an advanced security solution paired with highly trained security experts. This Active Threat Protection Platform can both identify internal and external attacks. Once identified automatically the alert is reviewed live by a Security Operations Center Expert. It is this combination of automated and human intervention that sets the eSentire solution apart from typical application based security software.

eSentire Network Interceptor™ maximizes safety with active threat protection. It delivers:

  • Active defense against data and intellectual property loss.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention of Active Persistent Threats (APTs), even “zero day” attacks.
  • Real-time inspection of every packet, stopping threats that others miss.
  • Behavior-based detection of suspicious activities.
  • Client-specific security interaction and ongoing consultation
  • Seamless escalation to active engagement by certified security analysts, 24/7/365.

We will help implement this solution and work with you and the eSentire team to ensure your security needs are being fulfilled. If your business is interested in this level of protection please Contact Us for more information.

Network Policies

Sometimes a company is most vulnerable when an employee unintentionally runs an unauthorized application on an office PC/Laptop. For example a Trojan such as Cryptolocker can be run when an employee unknowingly clicks a link on an unsafe website. This Trojan in turn will encrypt and effectively destroy any shared company files that the employee may have had access to. Events such as these can be minimized by a multi-layer approach to Cybersecurity. While a comprehensive solution would include Gateway Firewall and Endpoint protection it is beneficial to have effective network policies in place as well. Policies can take the form of written rules or automated filters and restrictions. Written policies help employees understand what is and is not acceptable on the company network and automated policies/restrictions make sure the specific policies cannot be broken. Olmec has years of experience helping craft these policies and implementing solutions which will add another layer of protection to your overall Cybersecurity solution. Please Contact Us for more information.

Web Filtering and Anti-Spam Protection

Two of the most common entry points for Viruses and Malware is through visited websites and email. This is why every Cybersecurity solution at it’s core needs to include these two protections. Olmec can implement a variety of web filtering and anti-spam solutions from Cloud based to on-premise based services. We will always recommend the solution that most effectively meets the needs in your business’s case.

If you already have existing systems in place we will ensure sure they are configured properly and updating regularly for the latest threats. Please Contact Us for more information.

Secure Wireless

While most Fortune 500 companies spend the resources to properly protect their wireless networks many small and medium sized businesses do not. In fact office WIFI is still an afterthought in many cases with employees buying and installing consumer WIFI access points purchased at the local electronics store. Olmec has years of experience designing and building secure and full coverage wireless networks. We use products from trusted manufacturers that offer the security features that every business should have when implementing WIFI for their employees and guests.

Must Have Wireless Security Features

Multiple SSIDs for various traffic types (Guest, Corporate, etc.)
Bandwidth and application policies/visibility
Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIPS)
Centralized Management
Multiple authentication methods and integrations (Radius, Active Directory)
Please Contact Us for more information.

Two-Factor Authentication

Everyone is familiar with usernames and passwords. We use them for our online banking accounts, social media sites, and office systems in most cases. This is called single factor authentication. One of the big weaknesses with single factor authentication is that your unique username and password can be discovered by a 3rd party using various methods. Some are as simple as someone looking over your shoulder while you are logging in and other methods involve malware recording your keystrokes. However you look at it when this happens you open yourself up to the risk of data theft or worst. Two-Factor authentication adds another level of protection by requiring a second piece of information to login. It is a different code every time you use it so it can’t be recorded and used at a later time. One of the most common ways to receive this Two-Factor code is via your personal phones SMS/Text. Olmec will help you identify the systems that need protecting and can implement a cloud based Two-Factor solution that alleviates the need for new equipment to be purchased. Please Contact Us for more information.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Over a third of employees use their personal smartphones for work-related tasks. This is expected to rise to over 60% in the coming years. It is important that businesses understand the risk this may cause when company data and email is spread out over devices that are not under its control. Olmec can help evaluate the risks posed as well as offer options for a Mobile Device Management solution. An MDM solution can offer some restrictions and policy control of company data while still allowing the employees the freedom to work unencumbered. Controls can be placed on company owned devices as well as personal owned smartphones and tablets. Virtual walls can be erected on devices to ensure personal and corporate data does not meet. The same can be done for applications as well. Now is the time to review the current mobile policies you have in place for your business and decide if the benefits of MDM are required. Please Contact Us for more information.


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Auditing and Compliance

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is the process in which security weaknesses are identified, categorized, and prioritized. These vulnerabilities can be due to misconfigurations, lax policies, or software bugs. The ability to catch them before a malicious party does is the difference between thwarting or becoming the victim of a cyberattack.

In order to protect your business from cyber threats you need to know where they will come from. Assessments should document and evaluate your business’s current security standing. This includes indicating all system weaknesses and mitigation methods to correct the issues found. With this information you can then focus your resources in the areas that need it most.
Vulnerability assessments are also a requirement for most compliance standards (HIPPA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, NIST, etc.).

With Olmec’s experience and strategic partnerships in cybersecurity you can feel confident in the security choices you’ll make for your company. Please Contact Us for more information.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test (Pentest) aims to simulate an internal or external cyberattack against an organization’s production systems. These tests use the same methods that a real attacker would most likely use to gain access to your systems and data. It provides your business with a method for exploring the effects a real attack would have without the accompanying damage. Pentests can also include social engineering attacks or physical security tests both of which extend outside your network.

Olmec will assist you in identifying the appropriate tests for your business’s needs. Please Contact Us for more information.

File and Data Auditing

Whether you have a single File server or a multi-server / multi-site network as the backbone of your business it is critical to know who has access to what. There are typically multiple areas in a network where employee permissions are managed. Too often when employees come on board or leave these permissions are not updated properly or maintained and even if they are you may need to provide some proof for compliance purposes. Through the use of solutions such as Varonis DatAdvantage and Netwrix Olmec will ensure these risks are contained. You will be able to see reporting on Windows, Exchange, and Sharepoint permissions across your company. You will also have full reportable monitoring every single time company data or files are accessed. With Olmec’s experience and the correct solution full visibility into who is accessing your data is a lot easier. Please Contact Us for more information.

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