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January 18, 2013

Three Smartphone Rules

You own a business, but do you know proper etiquette with your phone? Chances are that it hasn’t really been established. Sure, you don’t take out your phone and check it in front of clients, but what happens when there’s an emergency that requires your attention and you have no…
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January 4, 2013

Two Ways Writers Keep Up Their Ability to Write

When you’re completely and utterly confused on how to keep yourself writing, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Some of the greatest writers of our time have been completely clueless on how to get their creative juices flowing, and have only done so after some time and interesting conclusions. If you’re…
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December 7, 2012

The Importance of Managing Your Online Operations

Don’t let your online operations manage themselves. This is not only dangerous, but completely irresponsible. If you let online operations go without your leadership, you will have a huge control problem on your hands. If you don’t control it, others will, and this doesn’t always mean good things. Complaints on…
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November 30, 2012

Three Holiday Email Marketing Tips

Your email marketing campaign right now has the ability to bring in tons of money that your other efforts don’t. The fact is that everyone and their brother is looking for the perfect gift for their friends, family, and spouse, and chances are you will have something at your company…
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November 9, 2012

Two Unique Marketing Tips

Sometimes the standard fare doesn’t do it, and when it doesn’t, you have to start looking in other directions for inspiration for your business. The key to a successful business is one that continually moves forward and doesn’t stop just because there are a couple of roadblocks or problems along…
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August 31, 2012

The Best Way to Get Better at Your Job

When you need a little help finding the right method to grow your business, sometimes finding it via trial and error is just not an option. You need something that works now instead of later, no matter how difficult a technique it may be. You’re in luck – there’s a…
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August 17, 2012

Telling Your Customers No Politely

Sometimes you have to say no. This is inevitable, especially in business. Some clients may expect you to do the impossible. The real secret to saying no is how you say it; you can’t ever actually make it sound like “no”. You have to let your customer know you still…