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What are Managed IT Services?

In a nutshell, managed IT services can be defined as IT services provided by third-party managed service providers that take care of the IT functions and responsibilities of a business end-to-end. Managed IT services can cover any information technology service and support function that is handled by third-party service providers with the help of cloud-based software and remote technology. These services can include anything and everything from helpdesk services, network backup and monitoring, storage, email hosting, hardware lifecycle management, troubleshooting and repair, Remote collaboration and managed video conference in solutions, server maintenance, and more. Managed IT Services New Jersey is the most reputed Managed IT services company for local businesses.

Making use of managed IT services provides businesses with a host of benefits. It is particularly useful for small and medium businesses looking to speed through growth cycles as it enables them to have an efficient and highly productive infrastructure without the headache of managing it. In this article, we will try and look at all of the benefits that SMBs can expect to derive out of managed IT services

8 Key Business Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses


Enables a holistic approach to operations management

Managed service providers take care of network monitoring, management, data storage, data security, hardware lifecycle maintenance, and more. This enables businesses to have holistic control over their operations and a centralized support system for all issues and troubleshooting.

Centralized Applications

Since managed service providers host enterprise data and applications remotely, these are secured using international standards of data and network security. This provides businesses with the peace of mind that they need in terms of business continuity because even if their on-premise infrastructure suffers extensive damage due to a natural or man-made disaster, their mission-critical data and applications remain secure on offsite servers and in the cloud. If your business is looking for Managed IT Services in New Jersey, look no further than IT Consulting New Jersey.

Expert IT Professionals

With highly skilled and experienced IT professionals proving hard to secure and expensive to maintain for most businesses, managed IT service providers provide an easy way out for businesses to secure their skill sets without having to pay a premium for it. They also provide a way for businesses to secure unique and hard-to-find skill sets, especially in emerging areas of technology. The added benefit, of course, is that companies do not need to spend unnecessarily on locating, hiring, training, and upskilling talent – only to have them leave the company in a few months or years due to the generally high rate of churn in the industry.

On-demand Compliance

With industry regulations and compliance laws growing more stringent than ever, Companies have an increasing burden of responsibility on their shoulders to ensure proper data maintenance, storage, security, and timely disposal – especially of sensitive public data or consumer information. This is particularly applicable for companies in industries with a high degree of regulation, such as e-commerce, legal, healthcare, and financial services. Given the evolving and fairly complicated nature of most of these compliance rules and regulations, companies need the help of expert managed IT services providers to navigate their current and future compliance needs smartly in order to avoid wasting resources just on ensuring compliance.

High Scalability

With managed IT services, companies get the high degree of agility and flexibility that they need in order to scale up or down quickly as per market demand. This helps businesses prevent wastage of resources – that can be particularly helpful at a time when they are trying to grow the business and every penny counts. MSPs also provide companies with the added benefit of flexible, pay-as-you-go models of subscription that ensures that businesses only pay for resources that they actually use.

Reduced Costs

This is probably the number one benefit that most businesses associate with managed service providers. Bringing a managed service provider partner on board can help businesses establish and maintain predictable operational costs – not a mean feat when you are just starting out.  Small businesses get the opportunity to float their business ideas without the exorbitant costs associated with establishing and running a business. This also reduces cash flow burdens on businesses that are just starting out.

Proactive Support

Managed IT Services for Small Businesses often guarantee minimal to zero downtimes in the SLAs with businesses. This is why they focus on providing companies with highly proactive support and predictive maintenance of hardware and software. They try to detect and mitigate issues before they can snowball into problems that result in prolonged downtimes or impact productivity and regular business operations.

Future-proof Services

Since it is incumbent on managed service providers to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and technological solutions in order to provide the best possible service to the clients, businesses can effectively outsource some of the burdens of staying on top of the frequent technological waves sweeping through the industries now and then. IT Support New Jersey provides an exhaustive and highly affordable range of Managed IT Services New Jersey for small businesses.

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