business-graphics-1428645-mSocial media isn’t easy to master, and when it is, it isn’t easy to manage. Since you want to keep up a good level of customer engagement, you have to check your pages several times a day for comments, emails, and interactions with your photos or other postings. It can be quite daunting, especially when you already work sixty-hour weeks.  To make this job a little easier, outside companies have developed a couple of tools you might find handy if you’re a busy businessperson that’s new to the social media bubble.


PeerIndex, unlike some social media analytics tools, tracks more than just one or two of your social media pages. Instead, it tracks all of them, and tells you how influential you are online. It even explains why you’re influential in the areas that you’re influential in so you can either get stronger or expand your influences appropriately. If you’re trying to have a large impact online, it can even help you come up with a strategy to make that happen.


Don’t let the silly name put you off; this is an amazing program that help you analyze your Twitter feed for a business account. Among other things, this tool states how you’ve influenced the people you’ve influenced by providing clickthrough information. It also tells you about your general impact on Twitter. This tool, unlike many of the other tools available for help with your business, isn’t free. But the functionality of it is well worth the meager few dollars it costs every month. It’s also excellent for aligning your business goals on Twitter so that you can work towards something bigger.