tVisitors are nice, but if they’re not sticking around to give you more business, you know you may have a problem on your hands. Why? Because you’re not actually gaining any of those potential clients, and if you’re not using the right tools, you can’t even regain any of those lost clients. Don’t let that happen to you, and read the two tips below to get you on the right track.

Make Your Design Attractive

“The main reason we see poorly-designed layouts is a lack of priorities and/or resources. Although information exists on how to create effective designs, it’s another story to take action on it,” says Truman Hedding, online entrepreneurial expert. “Even those who work in design can still lack the basic skills to make a website successful because they don’t stay on top of trends and listen to what experts say on the subject.”

You want to make sure your page isn’t clunky and doesn’t have the wrong color scheme. Keeping people around is sometimes as simple as a good first impression, and the look of your website has everything to do with first impressions.

Skip Auto-Registration Rules

“Include an option to register somewhere else within your site,” Hedding states firmly. “The only way you could require registration is if you have something to offer that someone couldn’t get elsewhere, such as with, although even they will let you view their deals if you click their logo.”

Making a customer auto-register for something will make them walk out the door before you can greet them. Instead, have all of your information open and honest, and only make them register when they’re ready to sign up for your services.