1327146_targetThe same tactics big businesses use may not work for small businesses. They can, after all, spend thousands and sometimes millions in advertising every week. The question is, how do you get that kind of business without that kind of money? Though SEO isn’t everything a business needs to succeed, it can certainly help out in times of need. When you need a couple of SEO tactics, check the list below to help you out.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Don’t stop at an attractive layout and good content on your website. You need to focus on making your website as crawlable as possible. This means that you need to appeal to the search engine robots when they come looking at your site to figure out where it needs to be indexed. When you use pictures, make sure you tag them appropriately with alt tags. Describe your images and their purpose in your alt tags. Make sure your headers are appropriate and unique. Be sure to keyword your content so that the robots know exactly what you’re all about and where you are located. If you don’t know how to do this on your own, ask your web designer or seek advice on other websites on how to make this happen.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media is one of the largest and most popular platforms for communication in existence today. Best of all, it’s incredibly cheap and easy to manage. Sites like Facebook, and Twitter can help you bring business to your doors within just a few weeks of active updating. Sharing quality content on social media pages can also increase your Internet presence because of the sheer number of people that may see your content. Make sure you make your posted content interesting; you want to engage your