ID-10089855You own a business, but do you know proper etiquette with your phone? Chances are that it hasn’t really been established. Sure, you don’t take out your phone and check it in front of clients, but what happens when there’s an emergency that requires your attention and you have no choice but to look at it? You need to know what is going to offend people and what won’t really bug them at all. Here are a couple of rules to live by now that you have a smartphone.

Don’t Talk and Drive

It doesn’t matter if you’re texting or holding a phone to your ear – it’s incredibly dangerous to drive and talk. It’s even dangerous to drive and talk hands free, but at least it isn’t as dangerous. The truth is that you are a hazard to everyone around you if you choose to have a conversation while operating a moving vehicle. Just take a moment and see if it’s important. If it is, pull over and act appropriately.

People are Around You

Believe it or not, your entire world does not exist in your smartphone. Sometimes it may feel that way, especially if you have a lot of emails to answer or phone calls to return. But just because your phone makes a noise because you have a message doesn’t mean you need to interrupt a conversation to answer that message. Trust us, that message will be there later, and the person in your presence should take priority no matter what.

Your Phone Can Be Flipped Off

It’s excellent to be connected all of the time, but most people forget that there’s a whole world around them. If you need a moment to yourself, turn off the phone and spend some time with people you care about instead of the phone. Keep your phone on you in case of emergencies, but otherwise let your brain relax.