A ton of companies confuse their mission statement with their vision statement. Figuring out the difference is not complicated, but when it comes right down to it, writing an effective mission statement without accidentally making it a slogan or a vision statement can be difficult. Answering why your company does what it does and how it does it in a mission statement is of utmost importance, but so are some other things. Check out the tips below to see if you can use them to help you to design the best mission statement possible.

Short and to the Point

H&R Block’s Mission Statement is almost 300 words. It’s doubtful anyone will read that and the people who do will likely forget it within a few minutes. There’s simply too much information to absorb in more than about thirty words. Believe it or not, you can say a lot about your company in thirty words, and a mission statement that short can be just as effective as one that takes up more character space. Check out Becton, Dickinson and Company’s mission statement: “To help all people live healthy lives”. You can tell right off the bat they have something to do with medicine.

Strive for Perfect!

Don’t just settle on a mission statement because it ‘sounds okay’ and is ‘grammatically correct’. You want to keep moving forward with your mission statement and make it fit your company perfectly. Once you have the general gist of what you want it to say and you’ve gone over it a thousand times to make sure it looks good, give it to a professional writer and let them work their magic on it. You’d be surprised what a good writer with some experience can whip up in two or three days with the basics done for them.